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Our Leadership

Mr Wajahat Khan

CEO and Director Operational

Mr Wajahat Khan has 15 year’s experience to run operation of large scale medical Supply companies. He has experiences to work with many international companies such as Bio Rad, Sysmex. He has lucky enough to learn business skills from his Father who was very experiences and successful Besserman.

Dr. Asad Ali

Director Technical

Mr Asad Ali is CEO of Asad Laboratie’s Moor Khunda and Lahore. He has 11 year experience of medical lab technology, marketing and operation. He worked with various international firms dealing with biomedical equipment like BioRad, Symix, Rooch etc.

Dr. Muhammad Qasim

Dr. Muhammad Qasim

Muhammad Qasim is from Pakistan, completed his PhD in Nano Bioengineering from Chung Ang University Seoul South Korea in 2015. Currently he is working as lecturer at University of Otago, New Zealand. Previously he served at Gachon University, Konkuk University, Korea University and Ajou University South Korea as faculty member. I also worked with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, National AIDS Control Program (UNFA), National TB Control Program (NTP) and organized many research and scientific activities in collaboration with TWAS, BEP USA, LNCV Italy, ICLS, CSTSP AAAS in Pakistan to engage youth in science and technology. His area of research are Biomaterials Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Tissue Engineering and Nano medicine, Infections diseases and drug developments. Academically he is excellent, has two international patents, author of two book chapters and 30 International research articles with cumulative impact factor of more than 100. His publications are very well acknowledged in scientific society and hit 480 citations. He is also acting as guest editors and reviewers for many international journals. 

He is also active with international youth forums working on science policy as he is working as as Young Leader Asia Pacific Forum and CTBTO Youth, member of UNGMY and UNODA Biological weapons Conventions (BWC) Young Scientists group from global south. He is also working as President of Boarder Middle East and North Africa Association of Young Scientists (BYAS) to promote regional cooperation among young scientists in field of biosafety, biosecurity and one health.  He has been awarded with many distinctions, bursaries, scholarship, and travel grants. He won Asian Young Scientists Scholarship for his PhD and BEP USA scholarship to complete his Dual Use Diploma from Bradford University. He also won AAAS and UNGMY grant to complete science policy diploma from University of California Irvine USA. To present his research work and contribute to international organization he has been travel to 42 countries to attend conferences, workshops and high level meetings including Biosafety and biosecurity international forum (BBIC) Jordan 2011, World Science Forum 2017, World Science Forum 2019, MISK global Forum (2017, 2018, 2019), CTBTO Science Diplomacy Symposium 2018 and CTBTO Science and Technology Conference 2017, Asia Pacific Forum Security Councils meetings in Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia (2015-2019) and UNODA Biological weapons Conventions (BWC) meeting of Science Experts (MX2) Geneva Switzerland, AAAS science engagements meeting Tunisia and US academy of Science safe and secure workshop in Malaysia 2018.

He is working closely with scientific community of Pakistan and organized Nano Medicine trainings workshop at Quaid I Azam University and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission International Nathiagali School Course (INSC). He is running two big platform to guide Pakistan students graduated for scholarships and funding opportunities and each facebook group has 270K members.

He also contributed to society during COVID19 epidemic through recording video messages and writing blogs in English and local languages to prevent spread of infection and use of PPE. He also facilitated public and private sectors for supply for PPEs and diagnostics kits through his company Ayyam Molecular Products. He also developing a rapid, cheap ELISA testing kits for COVID19 in Pakistan and won 100K pounds grant from RESPIRE UK ( . He also led and organized number of zoom sessions for capacity building and share of scientific and useful information with public during COVID19 epidemic.

He also developed mathematical model to predict COVID19 status and that data was used officially by Pakistani government to prepare their policy. He has written review articles how nanomedicine can help for diagnostics and treatment of COVID19 and policy blog on effectiveness of mathematical modeling for mitigation and containment of COVID19. He has recently completed International Federation of Biosafety Association (IFBA) course on risk assessments and prepared Urdu protocol for handling of COVID19 in diagnostics laboratories. He is also attending Science Policy for STEM Scientists Certificate course of 4 months from University of California Irvine USA.