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Company Policies

Ayyan Molecular Products has following policies implemented. This policy applies to everyone we employ or have business relations with. This includes individual people such as employees, interns, volunteers, but also business entities, such as vendors, enterprise customers or venture capital companies.

  • Anti-discrimination policy

Our anti-discrimination policy explains how we prevent discrimination and protect our employees, customers, and stakeholders from offensive and harmful behaviors. This policy supports our overall commitment to create a safe and happy workplace for everyone).


  • Age
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity / nationality
  • Disability / medical history
  • Marriage / civil partnership
  • Pregnancy / maternity/ paternity
  • Gender identity / sexual orientation
  • Code of ethics policy

We promote freedom of expression and open communication. But we expect all employees to follow our code of conduct. They should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting our workplace. We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.


  • Respect for others. Treat people as you want to be treated.
  • Integrity and honesty. Tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of your ability.
  • Make sure you are objective and fair and don’t disadvantage others.
  • Know and follow the law – always.
  • Competence and accountability. Work hard and be responsible for your work.
  • Collaborate and ask for help.
  • Employee Code of Conduct

Our professional code of ethics policy aims to give our employees guidelines on our business ethics and stance on various controversial matters. We trust you to use your better judgment, but we want to provide you with a concrete guide you can fall back on if you’re unsure about how you should act (e.g. in cases of conflict of interest). We will also use this policy to outline the consequences of violating our business code of ethics.


  • Dress code
  • Cyber security and digital devices
  • Internet usage
  • Cell phone
  • Corporate email
  • Social media
  • Conflict of interest
  • Employee relationships
  • Fraternization
  • Employment of relatives
  • Workplace visitors
  • Child labor policy

Our child labor policy is our position on employing minors and aims to ensure that our company, its subsidiaries and everyone we’re connected with follows the law and cares for children’s interests.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Policy

We believe Ayyan Molecular Products is well placed to help address the climate change challenge. Our aim is to ensure the continuity of our own business and those in our supply chain while protecting the wider environment. We are committed to follow and adopt National Environmental Policy 2005 of Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan.

Energy, Water Savings and Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emission Across Our Operations

Energy, water and Greenhouse gas emissions are the major environmental indicators for any working facility. Ayyan Molecular Products takes care of these indicators in its operations and keeps on improving its performance year by year.

Energy Conserving Proficiency

Energy optimizations across our office is our policy and we are trying to run our office on renewable energy sources and use LEDs in our offices. Our all-delivery processes, including the use of heating, ventilation, lighting, IT systems and transportation, are based on the need to maximize efficient energy use and to minimize harmful emissions.

Reduction of Waste at Source

As a contribution to our global commitment of tackling plastic waste, we have taken initiatives focusing on most preferable techniques of waste management, i.e. reduction and recycling of our plastic waste and stationery. We have eliminated usage of single use plastics and promoted waste segregation at source by placing different waste bins at our offices . We also ensure that waste from our working sites must be disposed-off properly with our focus on reduce, reuse & recycle and none of the waste ends up in landfill.

Plant Conservation.

We know trees act as lungs of our earth; therefore, we sponsored each year Ghlazali Education trust 1000 plants and run a campaign for plantation. We try to reuse papers and stationery in office work to save trees.


  • Anti terrorism Policy

As being part of responsible society and global citizen, Ayyan Molecular Products compile with Pakistan security exchange commission all rules and regulations concerned with anti-terrorism state policy. We perform all over payments transaction through banking system of Pakistan and avoid any direct cash payments. Our all-staff members have to submit police clearance certificate prior to work in our company.

Ayyan Molecular Products renounces all forms of terrorism and will never knowingly support, tolerate or encourage terrorism or the activities of those who embrace and or finance terrorism. Consistent with numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions, including S/RES/1269 (1999), S/RES/1368 (2001), and S/RES/1373 (2001), Govt of Pakistan Antiterroirms Act, (ATA-1997), Govt of Pakistan Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2010 Act No. VII of 2010, Cyris Star is firmly committed to the international fight against terrorism, and, against the financing of terrorism. It is the policy of Ayyan Molecular Products to seek to ensure that none of its and its donor funds are used, directly or indirectly, to provide support to individuals or entities associated with terrorism. In accordance with this policy, Ayyan Molecular Products undertakes to use reasonable efforts to ensure that none of its or its partner, investors or associate funds are used to provide support to individuals or entities associated with terrorism. International and national regulations: Ayyan Molecular Products  also recognizes relevant legislation related to counterterrorism.


This policy applies to all Ayyan Molecular Products’ staff, interns and volunteers, financial service providers and contractors (suppliers, service providers and consultants). This policy also applies to all partner organizations, their board members, staff, volunteers & interns, financial service providers, contractors and sub-grantees implementing projects with Ayyan Molecular Products’ funding.

 Mechanisms to fight terrorism


Ayyan Molecular Products procedures have a strong emphasis on “deter, detect, prevent, and respond”. To minimize the risk of aid diversion, and in particular terrorism financing, Ayyan Molecular Products employs the following approach:

  1. Conducts regular risk analysis concerning anti-terrorism activities. The risk analysis typically includes a review of the relevant legal requirements of investors, It also includes security analyses, including stakeholder analyses (armed groups, state and non-state actors), to determine the risk of terrorism targeting or undermining our operations.
  2. Enforces a strict code of conduct among its staff with a strong reference point to anti-diversion and a statement on financial transactions with armed groups.
  3. Maintains comprehensive financial records which account for all expenditure and publishes annual financial statements with detailed breakdown of incomes and expenditures.
  4. Conducts annual external audit of all expenses as well as external audits of specific projects.
  5. Reserves the right to carry out Third Party reference checks on individuals with whom Ayyan Molecular Products has or plans to have a contractual link to ensure these individuals are not associated with terrorism and do not appear on counterterrorism lists through policy verification
  6. Ensure training of its staff and partners on anti-diversion policies, procedures, and practices.
  7. Conducts an in-depth due diligence of partners and sub-grantees, including Third Party Reference Check to ensure the partner/sub-grantee does not appear on counterterrorism lists through police verification
  8. Applies a “know your supplier” principle for procurements for all national, international, and restricted tenders.


1.Company Managers are responsible for Ensuring that Ayyan Molecular Products and all staff members, volunteers & interns and contractors comply with all relevant legislation.

  1. Ayyan Molecular Products code of Conduct and policies; Ensuring that all investors or organizations and their staff members, volunteers and contractors implementing aid and development projects funded by or through our comply with all relevant legislation and policies. Reporting to the Executive Director any information which could relate to breaches of this policy.
  2. Ayyan Molecular Products Human Resources Department is responsible for Recruitment of employees, volunteers & interns, and any additional Third-party reference checks; Ensuring that each member of staff abides by Ayyan Molecular Products Code of Conduct; Ensuring adherence to relevant data protection legislation; Providing support to managers and other staff during any complaint or dismissal process.
  3. Ayyan Molecular Products Security & Safety Focal Point is responsible for Ensuring that up to date risk assessments and contextual analysis are provided for each area of intervention to determine risks (of aid diversion).
  4. Ayyan Molecular Products Finance Department is responsible for: Maintaining financial records and tracking all expenses and incomes: Ayyan Molecular Products maintains a multicurrency accounting system that allows tracking any expenses or incomes with a unique reference (voucher number) in the system.

Each direct cost is linked to a specific project, contract and donor; Controlling the use of company funds: through internal control mechanism as outlined in AMPs’s Finance manual and procedures; Selection of banks/financial institutions: following a due diligence check, incl. third party reference check; Bank management: authorized levels to carry out financial operations, segregation of duties, signatures, monthly bank reconciliations contribute to having a clear picture on the use of funds and avoid misuse of funds;

Cash management: cash keeping processes, segregation of duties, monthly cash checking, contribute to having a clear picture on the use of funds and avoid misuse of funds; Money transactions: o Control done before payment: as defined in Ayyan Molecular Product’s finance manual and procedures, no commitment of expense can be done without authorization, must be documented with both internal (validation of the expense beforehand, including purpose of the transaction and link to the budget line of the donor’s contract) and external documentation (bill, receipt, proof that the service or good has been provided). Then only the expense can be done and booked in the system. o Bank transfers are preferred.

  1. Ayyan Molecular Products main office is responsible for: Procurement and contractor/supplier management based on the “know your supplier” principle which includes Third Party Reference check (police) to ensure that contractors do not appear on the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asset Control list, US State Department lists, UK Treasury lists, EU proscribed lists and UN sanctions lists.
  2. Administering Ethical Procurement Policy for suppliers; Controlling the use of Ayyan Molecular Product’s assets and stocks through internal control mechanism as outlined in the Logistics Manual and procedures.
  3. Ayyan Molecular Product’s Grants Management Department is responsible for: Due diligence and selection of partner organizations; Training and oversight of partner organizations (with the support of the abovementioned departments); Project cycle management, incl. monitoring and evaluation to improve the relevance, quality and accountability
  4. Ayyan Molecular Product’s Transparency Focal Point is responsible for: Compliance with Cyris Star procedures including Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy; Monitoring of this policy and adherence by staff, volunteers, partner organizations and contractors to this policy.

Reporting In case of suspected terrorism related activity, Ayyan Molecular products

Encourages stakeholders to report suspected terrorist activity using confidential means through [email protected]

  1. Investigates according to AMPs’s Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy and acts accordingly.
  2. Notifies the Government of Pakistan concerned authorities immediately if any link is discovered between funds, an assisted organization and a terrorist-related organization.

Research Development Policy

For existing products, technologies on hand will be continuously improved to strengthen profitability and reduce environmental impacts.


  • Enhancing the profitability of existing businesses, especially core businesses
    • Emphasizing R&D themes leading to greater profitability
    • Continuously improving core technologies
  • Developing and creating new businesses
    • Achieving profitability in new businesses early on
    • Acquiring technologies with an eye toward the future business portfolio
  • Improving group-wide operational efficiency
    • Strengthening ties with group companies
  • Improving total enterprise quality in support of sustainable growth
    • Hiring and developing human resources
    • Providing an enhanced research environment
  • Development of Indigenous Products and Technology
    • Collaboration with University and Academia
    • Enhancement of R&D facility of company
    • Development of Schools based STEM projects
    • Producing local data and its analysis to predict emerging infections in Pakistan and prior preparation to handle them
    • Development of diagnostics products according to local strains of microorganism.
    • Establishing bioengineering and Nanotechnology Centre